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Our underwater footage will be re-filmed in the Bahamas this Summer 2018 – Please email us with your interest and we’ll update you when it’s ready to share!



bLU3 is an innovative company that designs and manufactures surface supplied air diving systems with a mission to dive with a purpose and collect valuable data to help protect the earth’s for generations to come. bLU3 is a line of 3 models – NEMO, NOMAD and NEPTUNE. Currently, NOMAD is a functional design prototype on its way to production. The goal is to hit the market by December 2018.


An abundantly blue planet populated by ocean-loving divers who help keep it that way.


Dive with a purpose and collect valuable data to help protect the waters we love for generations to come.

Motto:  Dive bLU3.


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NOMAD by bLU3  Divers: 1 Depth: 35 feet Run time: 60+ minutes Key Features: Advanced interface, auto-inflation, self-contained/all-in-one. Best for: New divers with a high interest in ocean exploration, shore and remote dives.

Coming soon: NEMO & NEPTUNE



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