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This ultra-portable tankless dive system allows you to breathe underwater without tanks.

Pre-order yours for just $100 down – Put your name at the top of the list and be one of the first to receive your NOMAD. When it’s ready to ship next year, we’ll invite you to complete the final payment (minus your $100 deposit).

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Explore the underwater world with NOMAD – the most innovative dive system on the planet.

Our engineers are re-imagining NOMAD. Learn more

Pre-order your very own NOMAD now to put your name at the top of our list. Once NOMAD is ready (Summer 2019) we’ll invite you to complete the final payment. Once your payment has been processed, we’ll ship you your NOMAD so you can get diving! Your shipping information will be collected when we send the request for your final payment.

We will offer direct shipping to the US, Canada, UK and the Caribbean. Shipping to all other regions will be handled by our distribution partners.

NOMAD is currently in the pre-production stages. Our engineering team is working on making NOMAD as competitively-priced as possible. As of now, we’re looking at a retail price of $1999 (or less) and the $100 reservation fee is a down payment that is subtracted from final cost. If we launch a crowdfunding campaign, our Early Reservation customers will be offered the lowest reward price as their final payment.

Our timeline shifts as we strive to make our products the very best they can be before getting to you, we can’t promise that it’ll make it by next summer, but we can promise that when your NOMAD does arrive, it’ll be something we’re fully proud to deliver.


  • Waterproof touch interface
  • Backpack latch system for easy carry (integrated weight harness)
  • Segmented Lithium Ion Batteries – take it on a plane!
  • Auto-inflation – press inflate, and get ready to dive
  • Watertight storage compartment for phone, wallet, etc.
  • Built-in USB charging port for mobile devices, cameras, etc.
  • Color LED Mode Indicator – Inflate, deflate, dive, low battery, etc)
  • Low-battery alarm – hear the warning even underwater
  • Sensor Package Modularity – setup for future data collection

System Includes:

1 NOMAD (with integrated weight harness)

1 BLU3 Regulator

1 Lithium Ion Battery

1 Dive flag


  1. Ting

    How much is the full payment ?

    • BLU3 Crew

      We’re anticipating the final price of NOMAD to be $1999. The $100 reservation fee is a deposit that is subtracted from the final payment we’ll send out to our Early Reservation customers.

    • BLU3

      You can get more information on NOMAD, including the price, by visiting this page: https://diveblu3.com/nomad/

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