PRE-ORDER NOW. This ultra-portable tankless dive system allows you to breathe underwater without tanks. Reserve your place in line to purchase NOMAD the day we launch!

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Explore the underwater world with NOMAD – the most innovative dive system on the planet.

Dive up to 35 feet down for 60+ minutes off one charge. Buy an extra battery and easily swap them out for even longer dives. Charge up in less than 3 hours with our optional solar panel.

We plan to develop integrated sensors to collect valuable data – such as GPS, depth, temperature (and many more to come) – in order to assist researchers and empower ordinary citizens. By using NOMAD + the sensor package, you’ll effortlessly become a citizen scientist.

Pre-order your very own NOMAD to be part of our very first shipment. Our timeline shifts as we strive to make our products the very best they can be before getting to you, we can’t promise that it’ll make it by next summer, but we can promise that when your NOMAD does arrive, it’ll be something we’re fully proud to deliver.


  • Waterproof touch interface
  • Backpack latch system for easy carry
  • Segmented Lithium Ion Batteries – take it on a plane!
  • Auto-inflation – press inflate, and get ready to dive
  • Watertight storage compartment for phone, wallet, etc.
  • Built-in USB charging port for mobile devices, cameras, etc.
  • Color LED Mode Indicator – Inflate, deflate, dive, low battery, etc)
  • Low-battery alarm – hear the warning even underwater
  • Sensor Package Modularity – setup for future data collection

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