An all-in-one dive system for the true adventurer

Our engineers are re-imagining NOMAD.

In February 2018 we launched a Kickstarter for a prototype design of a truly portable and feature-rich concept we named NOMAD. But, through our work developing NEMO (a smaller system that was much further along in the development process), we’ve learned a lot about manufacturing and discovered incredible ways to enhance efficiency and user design.

Now, NOMAD will be an evolution of NEMO. Slightly larger, but still impressively small, compact and lightweight. A nice complement to your NEMO for times you wish to dive deeper than 10 feet. Seamlessly collects valuable environmental data as part of our mission to turn every BLU3 diver into a citizen scientist. NOMAD will launch late summer of 2020 but you can put a deposit down now to reserve your unit and be one of the firsts to experience NOMAD. 



Best for: New divers with a high interest in ocean exploration. Small vessels, shore and remote dives.

Expected launch date: Late Summer 2020

Dimensions: TBD

Run time:  60+ minutes

Depth: NOMAD’s max depth is yet to be determined but it will allow users the opportunity to enjoy our waters’ first atmosphere to the fullest.

Price: $1999 or less

Key Features:

  • Backpack
  • Digital interface
  • Battery alarm
  • Auto-inflation
  • Data recording


We did not meet our Kickstarter goal but NOMAD is still in progress thanks to the support of our parent company, Brownie’s Marine Group. Interested in bringing NOMAD to market as soon as possible? Consider investing in BWMG – Learn More.


NOMAD is currently under development, many improvements and innovations will take place prior to production in order to bring forth the ultimate, beginner-friendly, dive system to you in 2020.

How it works

Put simply: NOMAD floats on the surface of the water while a compressor takes fresh air and pumps it right to the diver through a specialized hose.

More technical: An air compressor floats above the surface in an innovative, all-in-one, while a hose and second stage regulator provide air to the diver. The compressor only sends air when needed by monitoring pressure in the hose, which conserves battery. The entire unit is battery-powered – charged with a single cable and can even be fully charged by an optional solar panel in about 3 hours.

easiest way to collect ocean data

Data Collection

Part of our mission at BLU3 is to develop a sensor package that seamlessly collects environmental data while you dive. We plan to develop integrated sensors to collect valuable data – such as GPS, depth, temperature (and many more to come) – in order to assist researchers and empower ordinary citizens. By using NOMAD + the sensor package, you’ll effortlessly become a citizen scientist. 

The goal is to prevent “Environmental Amnesia” – a term used to describe the unnoticed decline of ocean health over decades. We have to keep track of what is happening in order to stop it from happening. 

All you’ll have to do is connect NOMAD to your mobile app and it’ll automatically sync to an online database.


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