We’re both nervous and excited for the launch of NOMAD by BLU3 on Kickstarter 02.01.2018. With full faith in the impact NOMAD can have on the sport of diving, people’s exploration of the underwater world, and the protection of our oceans, we couldn’t be more excited. We can only hope that you love it as much as we do and successfully hit our goal.

We’ve been busy perfecting the prototype, shooting our video, getting together our digital presence and drafting our campaign on Kickstarter.

Want to know how you can help?

Follow us on social media and share our posts! Spread the word so that more people can see just how cool NOMAD by BLU3 truly is.


Check out our Preview Link for Kickstarter and send us a message or email letting us know how we can improve it. Note: we have a lot to write, more photos to take and a video to edit but we’re on it!

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