Like any water-related activity, diving comes with risk. The wellbeing of our bLU3 divers is our first priority. Here are the safety features we’ve currently developed and more innovation is sure to come.


NOMAD won’t dive until you complete our training course (included free with every unit)

  • Each NOMAD comes with a comprehensive online training course that must be completed in order to unlock the interface.
  • We also highly recommend that new divers review their training with a local SCUBA instructor.


NOMAD is in your control

  • There will also be an optional “parental control” that requires a passcode be entered prior to diving to ensure only authorized users get to dive. An optional passcode can also be set to prevent your unit from being turned off once it’s in Dive Mode.


Know when your battery is low

  • A low-battery alarm can be heard underwater to alert you when it’s time to surface at an appropriate speed.


Always have a backup

  • We highly recommended a back-up air supply like Spare Air® for a safe ascent.


The Buddy System

  • An important rule to diving of ANY kind is to never dive alone. So convince a buddy to go in on a Double Pack and dive bLU3 for two!